Display Boards Have Officially Moved

We have officially retired the Display Boards and replaced them with Station Boards. The new boards require you to update your bookmarks.

To use the new Station Board, you will need the unique website address assigned to your account. You can find the address for the new Display Board by logging in to the Customer Portal.

Once logged in, click on the word "ACCOUNT" in the top right corner.

Once in the account section, click on the "Displays" tab.

The "Displays" tab will show the web address for the new Display Board as well as any 6 digit access PINs you've created in the past. Existing PINs will continue to work with the new board and you'll have the added benefit that each PIN can have its own uniquely customized configuration, based on who will be using it.

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via phone at 973-453-5810 x2 or via email at support@edispatches.com.

Thanks again for being one of our customers, for being first responders, and for all you do.